Clean Up Old Xcode Archives Automatically

What’s the best type of cleaning? Cleaning that happens automatically!
About every 6 months or so, I notice that the free space on my Mac’s hard drive is surprisingly low. Have I really been writing that much code?! Even though I use App Center to do all my production, App Store builds, one of the biggest space hogs for a mobile developer are old Xcode archives.

posted by Tom Soderling on 12/18/2018
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Xamarin.Forms Code You Can Delete Today! (part 1)

What's more fun than writing code?

Deleting it!

Your Xamarin.Forms app definitely contains some code that you can delete. Code that is causing you a performance hit. Code you can delete today, right now, pronto, with no risk. Seriously

Let's get philosophical for a moment.
As much as we as developers really love to solve problems by writing code - deleting code, (or writing less of it in the first place) should be a fundamental desire of mature developers who recognize that each line of code written is a trade-off: is this code worth the potential bugs and the cost of care and feed (maintenance) down the road?
posted by Tom Soderling on 03/06/2018
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Let Your App Use all the Extra Screen Space on iPhone X

The iPhone X has been out since early November (2017) and it is easily the best phone I've ever used.
Great size, glass on glass on stainless steel design, wireless charging using Qi standard, fantastic gesture-based navigation, IP67 water resistant, convenient face ID, and the best camera I've ever owned. But topping the list is the screen; gorgeous, highly color accurate OLED that makes you think you're touching the very pixels.

With that nice screen comes some extra space. Space that all my old apps don't understand how to make use of. I've found myself struggling to remember each time how exactly to take advantage of that space, so here are the steps.
posted by Tom Soderling on 01/20/2018
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How to Run Automated UI Tests from a VS App Center Build

Visual Studio App Center continues to amaze and impress me.
Over Christmas break, I set up CI (Continuous Integration) and Release/App Store builds for all my little app projects - which was truly a delightful experience - and they’ve been humming along smoothly.
It’s surprising how quickly I’ve already taken them for granted. I push code, they build, run the automated launch test on a real device, I get a nice email to install the build on test devices, and can push it to the app stores if it makes the cut. So nice. It’s hard to imagine I used to do it any other way.

posted by Tom Soderling on 01/17/2018
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What Every Xamarin.Forms Developer Needs to Know About UWP

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed that a lot happens in your UWP project when you flip the switch from Debug build to Release build mode. At the heart of it, has been this little check box on the UWP project build properties: “Compile with .NET Native tool chain”.

posted by Tom Soderling on 02/15/2017
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Wired Debugging on a Surface Tablet? Yes You Can!

From a mobile developer's perspective, debugging on a Surface tablet is weird. Really weird. The first time I picked up the Surface and spotted the USB port on the side, I figured, cool - I'll just plug it into my laptop and run something!
Ah.... no.
It's not that kind of USB port. You can't just stick anything in there, man.
posted by Tom Soderling on 02/03/2017
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Debugging .NET Native in Visual Studio

.NET Native is a bit of a different animal. The Xamarin forums and Stack Overflow have lots of questions related to issues stemming from this. The big difference being that in Release mode, Visual Studio compiles your app using the .NET Native tool chain. We’ve seen that this can often cause late-in-the-dev-cycle runtime issues that pop up when a Release build is performed.

posted by Tom Soderling on 01/28/2017
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