What Every Xamarin.Forms Developer Needs to Know About UWP

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed that a lot happens in your UWP project when you flip the switch from Debug build to Release build mode. At the heart of it, has been this little check box on the UWP project build properties: “Compile with .NET Native tool chain”.

posted by Tom Soderling on 02/15/2017
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Wired Debugging on a Surface Tablet? Yes You Can!

From a mobile developer's perspective, debugging on a Surface tablet is weird. Really weird. The first time I picked up the Surface and spotted the USB port on the side, I figured, cool - I'll just plug it into my laptop and run something!
Ah.... no.
It's not that kind of USB port. You can't just stick anything in there, man.
posted by Tom Soderling on 02/03/2017
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Debugging .NET Native in Visual Studio

.NET Native is a bit of a different animal. The Xamarin forums and Stack Overflow have lots of questions related to issues stemming from this. The big difference being that in Release mode, Visual Studio compiles your app using the .NET Native tool chain. We’ve seen that this can often cause late-in-the-dev-cycle runtime issues that pop up when a Release build is performed.

posted by Tom Soderling on 01/28/2017
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